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It’s attention to detail and consistency that sets us apart from other staffing firms. We genuinely care about the people we place and the clients we help support. All employees we place are hand selected, trained and briefed on the position to ensure they’re a good fit for the job opening. We focus on finding a good fit for your business, but we know greater success comes when workers are satisfied too. That’s why we have such a high retention rate.

What Makes Us Different

We strive to provide employees happiness. Our recruitment specialists go the extra mile, investing time getting to know candidates, not just as labor resources, but as people. Our entire recruitment, training and placement process is done face to face, through email or over the phone.

Success Stories

Here are just a few examples of how SAS Staffing Group has helped our clients.

We saved a client more than $250 thousand in IT and environmental upgrade costs by completing a 14 month project under budget. It meant coordinating with multiple vendors, to install new hardware, electrical systems, power distribution units, cooling capacity, industrial ground faults and security measures.

This initiative included coordination of daily project activities across business systems supporting North America, Japan, Italy, the Netherlands and Brazil.

Finalizing this effort was expected to shut down operations for 12 hours, but we completed the job in just two hours. That meant no impact to the client’s business users or customers.

We developed a seven-day rotational schedule that allowed a client to move away from traditional scheduling. This resulted in a sharp reduction of overtime expenses, saving the organization tens of thousands of payroll dollars.

SAS helped a recent client avoid substantial government related fines, by making sure their global data center operations met all audit compliancy parameters over the life of a 24 month project.

SAS Performed a yearlong rebuild of a client’s North American data centers. This included updating all inbound and outbound call center infrastructure, mainframe and midrange operations and integrating new problem reporting tools. We completed the entire build out, providing a new remote monitoring facility.

Allow us to do the same for you. Contact us for more information and let’s move forward.

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TeamSAS Staffing is an employee-friendly, people-oriented company. We're always looking for talented and motivated career seekers. Whether you're seeking professional, technical or manufacturing opportunities, we will support you every step of the way.

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TeamHow do we know the employees we place will be the right fit for your business? Because we get to know them as people, with a twelve-point screening process that ensures they'll contribute to your organization from day one.

Employee Screenings

TeamAllow us to use our experience to help you screen new applicants and protect your human capital investment. We can verify that your employees are ready to work.

Our Mission Statement

TeamFirst and foremost, we have a simple business approach. We serve the customer, fostering long-term relationships, to assist in their business goals.